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Let Toronto's Best E-commerce Web Design Company create the perfect on-line store for you!

Located in downtown Toronto, Globalgraphics Web Design is the first choice for many businesses looking for E-commerce Website Design and Development. We take pride in designing and building amazing looking, high performance e-commerce solutions where customers love to shop. With our 20 years experience designing and building e-commerce websites, and having successfully launched over 300 different on-line stores, we are the e-commerce experts that you can rely on.

Choose our custom e-commerce web design service, where we will design that exclusive and unique look and feel that you want for your new on-line store. Alternatively choose for us to build your new e-commerce website using your preferred website theme. Whichever you choose, all work will be undertaken in-house by our own team. We also offer you the full range of on-line marketing services that will help your new e-commerce website achieve amazing results!

Ecommerce Platforms

Which of these award winning e-commerce platforms would best suit your on-line store requirements?

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is a free open source plug-in for WordPress.  Woo Commerce provides an outstanding e-commerce solution that is well matched for small to medium sized on-line merchants.

Magento Development

Magento is a dedicated e-commerce platform. Magento is perfect for merchants wishing to create an impact in their market place, and provides all the tools to help your store to quickly grow.

Custom Development

If you're a merchant looking for something unique we offer a complete custom e-commerce development service that will deliver to your exact requirements and specifications.

Each E-commerce Web Design Customer is different...

We understand that each e-commerce web design customer has very different requirements for their own website, and that choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business will be key to your on-line success. That's why we offer you three superb e-commerce website solutions to choose from.

Whatever your specifications and requirements are, whether you are B2B or B2C, we will design and build the perfect e-commerce website for you. If you are not sure which platform would best suit your e-commerce website requirements get in touch with us to discuss your project with one of our e-commerce experts.

E-commerce Website Features

Each of the 3 e-commerce platforms that we offer will provide you with an extensive range of features to help you effectively manage your on-line store. Below are just some of the major features that you can expect. If you are looking for a completely unique feature for your new website we can certainly help and would be delighted to discuss it with you!

Catalogue Management

Being able to manage your products correctly will be key to the success of your on-line store. Keep in mind that customers research and compare products before proceeding to make a purchase. That's why having the facility to present your products in the best possible light will help improve sales. All our e-commerce solutions come with easy to use product catalogue management systems standard. 

Customer Management

Customer Management or 'CRM' is a key area which will help your online shop succeed. All of our e-commerce platforms allow you to store, access and manage customer information and profile data to help improve your business. You can use the information to target clients with new and related products, promotional items, for email marketing campaigns, and much more! 

Order Management

Managing your customers orders efficiently will increase customer satisfaction. With our e-commerce solutions we offer powerful and easy to use order management systems that help reduce your administration time, whilst keeping customers happy. Today many ecommerce websites also sell products through multiple channels, e.g. EBay and Amazon. Our e-commerce platforms also allow for seamless integration of your website with third party channels.

Shipping Management

The number one reason why shoppers abandon their shopping carts at check out is all down to shipping costs. That's why it's essential to include shipping costs and information as early as possible in the customer shopping experience. We offer a range of great shipping solutions for you to choose from, from fully integrated systems that seamlessly process orders with your shipping company,  through to basic integrations that generate shipping prices only. 

Payment Processing

Choosing the right payment gateway provider for your website will be essential. Customers that find checkout processes difficult and lengthy often abandon their shopping carts! We'll help you choose the right payment gateway partner for your on-line store, to ensure the customer shopping experience is as pleasurable and easy as possible. We are partners with Beanstream, Moneris and Paypal and offer both payment gateway re-directions and full integrations. 


Security is key to the success of any online store. Keeping customer information stored safe and secure in the back-end of your website is imperative. The ecommerce platforms we offer are renowned for the security they provide. All of the on-line stores we create are also checked for any vulnerabilities and corrected. We do also strongly recommend clients use SSL certificates on their websites where possible, to further enhance the security of information. 

SEO & Social Media

With over 17 billion searches made through Google and Bing each month, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is key to the success of any new e-commerce site. Each e-commerce website that we build has SEO built into the very heart of it. Social media integration can equally be just as powerful as SEO. Our ecommerce solutions allow for proactive Social Media sharing and promoting, across multiple platforms, at a simple push of a button.

Analytics & Reporting

Knowing exactly what's happening with your new e-commerce website, and how it is performing, will help you make the right on-line business decisions. All of our e-commerce solutions come with analytics and in-depth reporting tools as standard. You will be able to extract data to find information such as bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment rates, which will help you fine tune your on-line to help increase profitability.

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