Toronto Magento Developers Creating Growth

If you’re a small to medium sized business you can use the free, open-source version of Magento to get the online store of your dreams.

Large corporations like Nike, Cisco, and 3M are utilizing the powerful Enterprise edition but for the price, it’s not really necessary. Magento is designed to expand with the growth of your business so maybe the Enterprise edition is something you’ll need later.

Magento is extremely robust which makes it an industry leader in Ecommerce. It also means you’ll need to find a reputable Magento agency in Toronto to make those dreams happen. In order to really take advantage of all it offers, you’ll need some help. Here are some of the reasons Magento might be the right choice for your online store.

The Features of Magento

Magento has always been an Ecommerce platform. WordPress, on the other hand, was created to be a content management platform that also allows ecommerce plugins. Magento was developed with core features to help build Ecommerce sites easily. The key features include:

  • User dashboards
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and supplier management
  • Product bundling capabilities
  • Cross sell and upsell features that are built-in
  • Customerer segmenting
  • Option for CMS
  • Newsletter features.

These core functions are flexible and can be extended. A Magento agency in Toronto can help you create an individual site that suits your business needs.

The Sales Aspect of Magento

With the assistance of your chosen e-commerce web design company (and of course strategic content), you can have a totally SEO optimized site. Extensions and apps make it possible to incorporate SEO strategies with Magento. Also, because it’s open-source, Magento developers in Toronto can customize how search engines and customers find you.

You can do things like integrate your product catalog on Facebook. A Toronto Magento web designer can integrate Magento and WordPress so your blog and all its valuable content is connected to your site. Email marketing can be introduced with a bit of back end work in Magento and in the marketplace, there are plenty of marketing tools available that help keep you ahead of the industry.

If You Can Dream It, Magento Can Do It

Pretty much anything you want to accomplish can be done on the Magento platform. You or your web design company can tweak your online store and develop it to look and function however you want. The possibilities are endless in every aspect of design. You can start with a basic template and do it yourself, or get creative and hire a professional developer experienced in Magento.

The source code can be changed to suit whatever kind of site you want built. Extensions are installed that are easy to obtain through Magento Marketplace. It is the world’s largest Ecommerce marketplace so chances are, it’s going to have what you’re looking for.

Magento is Really Secure to Use

The community of Magento developers work on security flaws to ensure that it’s safe to use for your online business. Troubleshooting issues are easy to solve because of the large community of developers involved with the open source platform. Magento is not a perfect system but there really isn’t one out there. What it does is quickly reveals errors and makes safety updates quickly. This prevents the same issues from coming up in the future.

Magento is Mobile Friendly

A major benefit of the open-source platform is that it’s versatile. With everyone managing their lives on-the-go, just as many people are purchasing on their devices as they do on their laptop. If your ecommerce site doesn’t cater to those on-the-go purchasers, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Magento is ahead of the crowd when it comes to store coordination over the many devices people use today.

Why Magento Helps Boost Sales

A Magento agency in Toronto can customize your site to show different prices to different customer groups. This is just one example of how Magento can boost sales. There are many tools that allow your Toronto team of Magento web designers to help improve conversion rates. There is a discount system that manages discount offers which you can easily tweak without a developer. These are just a few reasons that Magento generally boosts company sales by 3X.

You Save Money on Overheads

Magento not only promotes growth for your online store, it also helps you reduce costs. In fact, up to 50% of your total overall costs can be cut when you use Magento. You sell more and save a lot of money with automation tools that make your life easier. With Magento, you have control of who you’re hosting with which can allow you to reduce costs. With the flexibility Magento offers, you always have a choice on how much you want to spend.

Insights on Data

Part of success is to have the data you need to determine how well your online business is doing. Magento Business Intelligence offers reporting in great deal and analyzes it so you can recognize important information. Being able to determine who your best customers are and what your most popular products are help you fuel further growth.

Magento is your go-to for creating, launching and growing your online store. It’s a free subscription that won’t penalize you for additional features you add onto the site. The open source function of Magento means your Toronto Magento developers can create what you conceptualize. You can have as many features put onto your site and it doesn’t cost you a cent. There are no limits on how many product lines, products or SKUs are put on your site. Your online site grows but your expenses for your ecommerce platform are still free.

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