• ENGAGE CUSTOMERS Keep your customers updated with your latest information
  • YOU IN CHARGE Update content on your website whenever you want to
  • EASY TO USE You won't believe how simple and easy we've made it!
  • EXPANDABLE We can add more functionality whenever you like
  • TRAINING & SUPPORT We provide you with training and support as standard


All of our websites are built so that you have control over your own content!

When customers visit your website they will expect to see current and up to date information, for example, your company news, the services that you offer and the products you specialize in. Nowadays their really is no excuse not to do this as website content management systems make it easy for you to do! 

Each website that Globalgraphics Web Design creates is in-built with a content management system that ensures easy content management. The WordPress, WooCommerceMagento and Module Manager content management systems we provide are straight forward and intuitive to use.

WordPress logoWooCommerce logoMagento logo.Module Manager logo.

Each CMS that we use also provides clients with superb functionality. We'll make sure that your new website is built to perform exactly as you want it to. Don't worry, the CMS in your website  is also highly flexible, so functionality can be expanded as your on-line businesses grows.  

 Once your new website or on-line store has been designed and built we'll of course provide you with full training on how to manage all aspects of your website's content using the CMS we integrated. We'll also provide you with access to training videos and be here to support you!


Here's what to expect from your new Content Management System...

  • Word class software Only the best, high performance content management systems are used in each website and on-line store that we design and build.
  • The functionality you want We'll build your new website or e-commerce store with exact functionality you require to perform effectively on-line.
  • Easy management Managing your new website or on-line store will be straight forward and much easier to use than you think!
  • Expandability We can add more functionality to your CMS as and when you need it.
  • Training & Support We will provide you with training and be there to support you when your website launches.

WordPress logo

WordPress is a world favourite content management system that is in fact used in almost one quarter of the websites on-line today! WordPress provides website owners with a stylish and intuitive control panel where they can manage every aspect of their website quickly and easily.

WordPress offers huge functionality in website management, so whatever you want your website to do it really is a superb choice for your CMS. WordPress also has a vast array of extra 'plug-ins' to choose from that can expand your website with even more functionality!

As a leading WordPress web design company in Toronto, we can offer you custom WordPress website design, or design using a Website Theme that you like. We'll also ensure that your new WordPress website design has all the functionality you require to perform on-line.

    WooCommerce logo

WooCommerce is in fact the e-commerce plug-in for WordPress, but don't let that put you off this powerful, super friendly e-commerce platform! WooCommerce has fast become a favourite choice for many start-up e-commerce businesses and is now used in a third of all on-lines stores.

WooCommerce makes it easy to manage every single aspect of an on-line store. From product management to processing orders, WooCommerce delivers on-line store owners with superior functionality. WooCommerce also comes with a gigantic range of add-on features that can really take on-line stores to the next level.

Our WooCommerce developers in Toronto are industry experts that can advise you on the best way forward for you e-commerce website. Again you can choose for us to custom design your new store with an exclusive look, or ask us to use a Website Theme. Whatever store functionality you require, we'll build it to perfection!

For those looking for a superior heavy duty e-commerce performance Magento should be the number one choice. If companies like Nike trust in this e-commerce platform, you can be sure that the software really does deliver! Current figures estimate that Magento is used by over 250,000 merchants across the globe.

There are two versions of Magento to choose from - the Community or Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is free to use, but don't be fooled as it provides on-line store owners with fantastic features and functionality. The Enterprise Edition comes with a price tag, but it really does take e-commerce websites to the next level.

As a highly experienced Magento developer in Toronto we can advise you on the best way to design and build your new e-commerce store. Again choose from Custom website design or for us to use a Website Theme for your new website. Our team of Magento specialists will ensure your new on-line store has all the features and functionality you need. 


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