New E-learning portal website for UHN Division of Nephrology

An exciting new website has gone live today and you can have a good browse yourself to see how awesome it is.

Below we have also provided some tasters of this website design through screenshots and also describing how it will help out the Nephrology department.

The login screen of the Nephrology e-learning website.

The website itself is an e-learning portal where a student can login with a username and password allocated to them by their medical tutors. Once logged in they can learn a variety of set topics set by the medical tutors and then assess their knowledge of those topics through on-line multiple choice exams.

The Home Page of the Nephrology e-learning website.

The website will immediately let a student know if they have passed, or failed an exam. It will also provide them with the opportunity to revisit and view segments of the video where they wrongly answered questions.

The Video Tutorials page of the Nephrology e-learning website.

The back-end system on the website provides the medical tutors with a lot of exciting features. For example, they can add/remove tutorial videos, and create/edit multiple choice exams.

Choose which exam you want to take on the Nephrology e-learning website.

Also for each question in an exam they can also pinpoint the segment of the video that the question relates to. The back-end system also allows them to manage student access (usernames and passwords) and view the exam results for each student.

Example of multiple choice question on the Nephrology e-learning website

The great thing about this website is that it allows students to undertake learning at a time and place convenient to them. We're sure that will be a highly popular with students, and a huge success for UHN.

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