Before and After: L'Espresso Bar Mercurio

Next up in our Before and After series is the fabulous L’Espresso Bar Mercurio.

If you have never been to the L’Espresso Bar Mercurio, well, you’re really missing out. It has a bright and airy chic-ness to it, and the sandwiches and pastries are to die for. So you must go! Anyway, I digress. The owners really wanted to take their website to the next level. Not only in looks but in functionality, the latter to predominantly enhance food sales. 

The old website looked somewhat bland and a little tired. Also, some of the functionality was not working, which of course frustrated not only the owners, but website visitors too. Here’s what it looked like...

Home Page of the previous very dated L'Espresso Bar website design.

Our mission was to create a website that truly reflected the ambience of the restaurant. It had to be stylish and inviting. It had to stand out from the websites of the local competitors. And, it had to help boost food sales! Here’s what the new website design looks like...

Sumptuous Home Page of the new L'Espresso Bar website design.

The bright, light, airy feel of this website, coupled with the fabulous images, immediately grabs your attention. White is the perfect backdrop for this website as it focuses attention on what L’Espresso Bar Mercurio has to offer.

The new website also boasts a fabulous new sandwich on-line ordering feature. Visitors can browse through the gorgeous range of savoury goodies, add items to their basket, and then proceed to checkout where they can safely pay with their credit card. All they then have to do is present their order number at the restaurant to collect their food items! How great is that!

The owners of l’Espresso Bar Mercurio are delighted with their new web design, and we are delighted to have it here in our portfolio of works.