Before and After: Bluebird Music

Bluebird music is passionate about audio products. Not just any old audio products, we are talking about the real top notch audio equipment that produces supreme musicality. 

Bluebird Music chose Globalgraphics Web Design to re-invent its online presence. The old website was just not right. It didn’t showcase the great range of products in the best possible light. And of course, any website trying to promote high-end luxury products needs to be perfectly pitched for the consumer it is targeting

Here’s what the old website looked like...

Home page of the very dated Bluebird Music website.

And here is what the new Bluebird Music website design looks like.

Home Page of the new Bluebird Music website design.

Gone is the dark navy blue backdrop and rigid design structure. The new web design is bright and airy, and creates the look and feel of a glossy, high quality brochure. The white back drop is a brilliant choice to focus attention on both product images and information. It also assists in putting the visitor in control of their browsing experience.

The new website also cleverly utilizes banner images and quotes throughout product sections to highlight product attributes and qualities. These are great touches that help maintain a visitor’s attention.

Visit Bluebird Music's website to find out more!